Posted on: April 19, 2008 7:50 pm

Good news all around

Let's see.  The Rangers beat the Devils 5-3 and advance to the next round.  I think I'd prefer for them to play Montreal in the next round, so hopefully the Capitals can come back against the Flyers.  Plus, the only team from Philli that I don't hate are the Eagles.  I'm a fan of McNabb and as a Jets fan, the Eagles don't bother me.

Unfortunately, the Armed Forces Network (AFN) chose not to carry the Rangers game, so I could only follow it on Sportsline.  Fortunately, AFN did carry Mets-Phillies match-up of Johan Santana and Cole Hamels.  Hamels is on two out of my three fantasy teams, but I wanted him to lose and he did.  My wife always says that the surest way for me to ruin a player's career is to have him on my fantasy team.  I finally took her advice this year and didn't draft any Mets.  So, yes, I take full credit for their good start this season.

Finally, today I found out that I will be home as early as three weeks from now.  And the Mets won again.  What a great day!

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 6:58 pm

Wishing I was home

Let's see, the first entry of my first-ever blog.  I wonder if anyone will even read it.  How do people find out about other people's blogs?

So I'm in Iraq, working night shift in the Georgian Army brigade headquarters.  I'm an American liaison to allied troops.  Pretty frustrating job.  The only good troops in Iraq are those belonging to US, Britain, and Australia.

Yesterday was a good day to be a New Yorker.  The Rangers won and are now just one game away from dumping the Devils.  John Maine pitched a solid game and the Mets beat a team that they are supposed to beat.  The Yankees survived what was probably the most brutal game played in the MLB so far this season.  And the Knicks and Nets have finally been put out of their misery.

By the way, can't wait till the Nets move to Brooklyn.  If Jay-Z actually pulls it off, he'll be my favorite person for at least a year.  Brooklyn Nets.  That sounds cool.

Anyway, with all this going on in good old NYC, I can't wait to get out of Iraq and be back home.  The final year of Shea Stadium.  That place is a dump, but I'm sure I'll still get all sentimental when I take my 12-year old nephew there for the last time.  And I haven't been to the Garden in years.  I will definitely go next fall, when the hockey season re-starts.

Well, till next time.

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