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Good news all around

Posted on: April 19, 2008 7:50 pm

Let's see.  The Rangers beat the Devils 5-3 and advance to the next round.  I think I'd prefer for them to play Montreal in the next round, so hopefully the Capitals can come back against the Flyers.  Plus, the only team from Philli that I don't hate are the Eagles.  I'm a fan of McNabb and as a Jets fan, the Eagles don't bother me.

Unfortunately, the Armed Forces Network (AFN) chose not to carry the Rangers game, so I could only follow it on Sportsline.  Fortunately, AFN did carry Mets-Phillies match-up of Johan Santana and Cole Hamels.  Hamels is on two out of my three fantasy teams, but I wanted him to lose and he did.  My wife always says that the surest way for me to ruin a player's career is to have him on my fantasy team.  I finally took her advice this year and didn't draft any Mets.  So, yes, I take full credit for their good start this season.

Finally, today I found out that I will be home as early as three weeks from now.  And the Mets won again.  What a great day!

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